Expanded Search

For the first 9 months, we focused on making it easy to discover & connect with everybody in the Endeavor network. Now, we’re working to make it easy to discover & connect with everything in the Endeavor network. To kick it off, Expanded Search will include Investor Search & Endeavor Deals

Investor Search: Endeavor has built relationships with over hundreds investors all over the world. Through Investor Search, users can discover the funds we have relationships with, understand what investments they seek, and whether they are members of Endeavor’s exclusive Investor Network. This is the first step in creating a true marketplace between our entrepreneurs and investors.

Endeavor Deals: For the first time ever, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Board Members and Partners can offer exclusive deals to the Endeavor network. This represents a fantastic opportunity to showcase your amazing products & services to entire the Endeavor network and give to the community! To publish a deal, contact Gaby at gabrielle.wilkerson-melnick@endeavor.org or your local Endeavor staff member and provide the deal information.

Sounds cool, right? So what are you waiting for! Go check it out.


Welcome to Open, your online portal to everything Endeavor! Open launched in November 2016 with a pretty simple goal in mind -- let's create an online Endeavor directory. Endeavor entrepreneurs and mentors can be found in a lot, and we mean, of places -- over two dozen countries across five continents (Australia, let's stay in touch; sorry Antarctica). With Open, our network could finally find that perfect connection.

But that was just the start. Right now Open hosts discussions on challenges, announcements about upcoming services, and webinars on everything from Market Entry to Choosing the Right VC.

It's still the early days for Open, but we're committed to building a best-in-class platform that suits your needs! If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can always reach us at open@endeavor.org

...What are you waiting for?! Stop reading this blog, go log in. Door's Open.